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How To

How to book

※Inquiries from overseas will taken only by Email or SMS, Short Message Service.
 Inquiries in Japan will be taken by Email, SMS, and mobile phone too.
※If you have some requests or other options to the boys, feel free to ask us.
 We might be able to arrange your request case by case.

■About Going Out and Outcall

#Before 22:00
[Available Area for Going Out and Outcall]
*Within 10min walking distance from Branch = Available for 60min COURSE and above.
*Within Tokyo 23 wards = Available for 90min COURSE and above.
*Outside of Tokyo 23 wards or prefectures next to Tokyo = Available for 120min COURSE and above.
*Transportation cost for more than 2hours should be paid 1 day before the reserved date. We cannot accept reservations on the day.

[About Going Out]
You can go out with our companions in any Branch from open hour to 22:00.
You can also outcall our companions to your hotel room within 10min walking distance from our Branches using the same GOING OUT COURSE.
Enjoy the perfect moment with our best companion in your favored hotel room.

■Traffic Fee for Going Out and Outcall
Within 20min train ride = 2000JPY. Additional fee will be charged if the one way fee cost more than 1000JPY.
More than 20min train ride = 1000JPY per 20min Long Distance Fee and transportation cost will be charged.
*If the meeting place is more than 300m from the nearest train station, we might charge taxi transportation cost.

#Outcall after 22:00
Bound within 10km 3000JPY (3000JPY inside Shinjuku/Bunkyou/Chiyoda/Taitou/Minato/Shinagawa wards)
Bound within 15km 4000JPY (4000JPY inside Shibuya/Toshima wards)
Bound within 20km 5000JPY
Bound within 25km 6000JPY
Bound within 30km 7000JPY
Bound within 35km 8000JPY
Bound within 40km 9000JPY additional 1000JPY per 10km

■About cancelation rule

※When you cancel this revervaiton please make sure call us or mail us.
※You can cancel the boy. When you cancel a boy, the cancellation fee (5,000 JPY Trans Fee) will be occurred.
■For the safety and to enjoy your time, do not break the safer sex for each other.

Please follow the policy below.
※Sometimes we cannot promise to present comfortable anal play depends on the boys' health condition and the customers' dick size.
※No drag use.
※For the safer sex, please put on a condom.
※We refuse the risky behavior to the boys.
※For the privacy protection, we do not accept asking the boys about the personal information, real name, address, phone number, e-mail ad, and so on・・・
※We prohibit photography and filming.
※Enjoy your comfortable time throughout these policies.

Today's Pick Up

  • 大久保
    Okubo [23]
  • Masaru [24]
  • ジョニー
    Johnny [20]
  • 慎吾
    shingo [25]
  • kila [23]

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